"I was at the train station in Paris en route to Nice, when i spotted Elizabeth Gilbert's bestseller 'the big magic' at the relay store... I thought, great, perhaps it would be of help with my life story re-invention... By the second chapter I was feeling disappointed, and that was exactly when Lynette Xander's 'Momentum' arrived by mail... It didn't take me long to realize this was the tool i was actually looking for to help me focus… put simply, if you're wanting to improve some aspects of your life, or even, design your best life yet, 'momentum' is an essential guide to help you do so."

Masouma - Paris, France - PHD student in international business

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  • Killer Brief Book


    This book is the bigger, badder brother to the Killer Briefs Booklet in that it has more advice and deeper explanations of the key tenets on this topic and includes a finished example to give you a se...


  • How to Write a Killer Brief


    This booklet is a  summary of the critical elements you need to write a killer brief: from the thinking to the format.  It can be a stand-alone piece to refresh or introduce you to the topics and ma...


  • Momentum Book


    This book is a foundational field guide to help you design your life to be wildly happy — to flourish. Based on philosophies as diverse as Quantum Physics and Feng Shui, it presents a new way of thi...