We are in one of the most challenging eras ever with regard to doing great work and making an impact on our clients’ businesses with the amount of change we’re managing from technology to talent. We find our clients either come to us because they’re in trouble or they want to stay on top and take their work to the next level. As one said, “I have no idea what the issue is, that’s why I’m calling you.” This is where we shine. We provide clarity - as well as ways to align and activate against those new insights - that propel companies forward.


At a core level, we simply help you to stop guessing (which is what is really expensive) and help you lure and keep your stars (both customers and staff), which are the real keys to the kingdom. Through our work, we have helped companies go from red to black in one year. We’ve seen insanely great improvements in staff retention, inquiries, sales and margins. Check out our case studies to get a sense of what’s possible - but we look to win big.


We are uniquely suited to serve the needs of creative development and passion brands. Whether you’re ‘making’ ads, websites, travel experiences or outdoor gear, you are making a ‘creative’ output in an industry or with a brand that people are passionate about. If you want to know how to make your creative output sing (and/or make your creative director’s life easier), we’re the shop for you.


Wild Alchemy

Wild Alchemy Services

Clients and projects span large, global brands such as Nestle Good Start, E&J Gallo, Nike, Miller Beer, Cadillac, Microsoft, Washington Mutual, New Seasons Market, LucasArts, Wyndham, SONOS and Virgin to smaller NW gems such as Amtrak Cascades, Umpqua, Nordstrom, Doc Martens, Rejuvenation, Deschutes Brewery, Devine Paints, Pacific Foods, Bob’s Red Mill, Coffee People, Salt&Straw and Outward Bound.

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Lynette Xanders

Lynette Xanders Services

In addition to being an experienced moderator and brand strategist, Lynette conducts training workshops for agencies, design firms and companies like Patagonia, Columbia and Adidas’ Global Innovation Team. She and her family live in Sisters, OR to appease their skiing and elbow-room problem.

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