We believe in talking to people. To find out how they tick. And how to talk to them. And ultimately, to uncover ways to mirror what we have with what they want. Qualitative research is our passion and expertise. Getting in the same room and talking face-to-face is the best way to figure out what they mean, not just what they said. We do quantitative as well, but only to augment our deep dive.

Identify and establish a brand by capturing it in inspirational ways to share internally and externally.

Work includes identifying a brand’s:

  • Positioning (role and relevant points-of-difference)
  • Personality (voice)
  • Promise (magnetic virtue)
  • Product (innovation opportunities)
  • Profile (of core customers)
  • Point-of-stain (experience)

And capturing them in inspirational ways to share internally and externally via:

  • (Killer) creative briefs
  • Manifestos (brand or mindset)
  • Brand books
  • Internal videos
  • Copywriting samples/training

Work includes assessing, unraveling and reigniting a company’s:

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Language
  • Inspiration
  • Environment
  • Vision of success
  • Staff happiness
  • Creative momentum

Addressing these issues helps companies do more with less, hire (and retain) the best and brightest employees and produce amazing results (while having more fun in the process).

Muse services for individuals are also available to tackle similar topics with the goal of creating an ideal situation at one’s place of work and/or beginning an entrepreneurial venture.

Discovery work is focused on uncovering pivotal insights that shape a company’s brand, strategy, culture and expressions via:

  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnographies
  • Lifestyle Profiling
  • Leadership workshops
  • Staff surveys
  • Adcept development (concept hypotheses)
  • CRANK sessions (pundit brainstorm sessions)

These insights can be written up as a stand-alone, but often they are coupled with brand and culture work and outputs. The goal is not just to find out what is going on, but to leverage experiences to develop key recommendations to gain clarity and alignment on what to do with the information.

Half-day or full-day workshops are available on the following topics for 1-100 people, with the opportunity to develop a custom agenda based on needs:

  • Brand Artistry Thinking and Techniques
  • Creative Research
  • Creative Momentum
  • Cultural Chiropractic
  • Tourism Tenets
  • Cultist Mirroring
  • Recalibrating Your Business
  • Killer Brief Writing
  • Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp

Lynette Xanders also speaks on these and related topics regularly and is an entertaining and accomplished speaker.