Wild Alchemy BrandThink™ Series Workshops

Conducted by Lynette Xanders

These workshops are available for private client workshops (up to 20 people) or as a seminar (unlimited capacity, 1-3 hours in length). Open enrollment
workshops are offered periodically for anyone to attend (check the calendar, sign up for our e-letter or connect with us socially to be apprised). DVDs are edited workshop footage with key slides inserted (approx 5 hours play time).

Custom Live Workshop Topics

  • Stellar Account Services
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Redesigning Your Culture
  • Instituting Account Planning
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Cleaning Up Your Business
  • Creative Momentum for Life
  • Creative Momentum for Work
  • Redesigning Your Work
  • Feng Shui Your Space (for Prosperity, Productivity + Happiness)
  • Brand Artistry Thinking + Techniques
  • Creative Research for Inspiration
  • Killer Briefs
  • Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp
  • Brand You
  • A customized agenda will be developed to fit needs and time.


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