There are several philosophies that drive how and why we do what we do: I believe strong brands are much more like people than things. They live in the space between a product, logo and experience

I believe lack of alignment and arrogance kills companies and that guessing and churn are more expensive than finding out. I believe that the easiest way to make a bundle of money is to find out what people want – and then give it to them. And that happy people are more productive, innovative and effective than unhappy ones. I believe our jobs should be more fun than they are and that we can learn volumes from categories outside our own. I believe good research is more about what they meant than what they said and that insight should be prescriptive and not just descriptive. I believe a scientific method can be applied to the creative development process and it can unravel the most complex hairballs. And finally, that alchemy is real > and when properly aligned, common elements can transform a company, brand and/or career from lead to gold.