Wild Alchemy is built from Several Philosophies

We believe:

Strong brands are much more like people than they are things. They have personalities and live in a set of associations that occupy the space between what you do, who you are and what you say about yourself.

Lack of alignment and arrogance is what really kills companies; churn and inefficiency are far more expensive than the time and energy to uncover the truth of things.

The easiest way to make loads of money is to find out what people want – and then give it to them.

Guessing is what’s really expensive.

Happier people are overall more productive, innovative and effective. We believe we should all be having much more fun than we are.

We can learn volumes from categories outside our own.

Insight should be prescriptive and not descriptive. Good research analysis is more about what was meant than what was said. Emotion drives behavior, thinking plays a supporting role.

A scientific method (design thinking) can be applied to the creative development process and it can unravel the most complex hairballs.

Ultimately, we believe that alchemy is real and when properly applied, common elements can transform a company, brand and/or career exponentially.