Tidbits we pull from other companies

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Winning Service Winning Service is a function of: Self-awareness What is needed? Attitude Can I create a connection? Language Can I better say what I mean? Culture How can we support each other? Success doesn’t live in what we do per se, but in how we do it. Attitude You are in the hospitality/solutions/dream business (You help businesses thrive).


Overcoming Back Pain

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back stretching

Please follow this link for a folder full of incredible exercises to help you overcome back pain. It was extremely helpful for my body and I hope this can help you as well. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y37ch5jinkbzj9c/AAAefm3NI8TKbPy5iyx6um-La?dl=0 Find more information here: http://stretchtherapy.net/