Wild Alchemy BrandThink™ Series Workshops – Conducted by Lynette Xanders

If you want to discover what your brand is truly capable of, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. Our workshops are hands-on brand discovery and creative strategy development opportunities for you and your team. For a customized workshop, up to 10 of your team members are guided through a series of exercises that will uncover rich insights about your brand, culture and products. At the end of each workshop, the lessons learned will be merged into a cohesive brand platform that your team can take back to the office and put into action.

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Upcoming Workshops – Open Enrollment

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Standard Workshop Offerings

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Brand Artistry: A Fieldguide to the Art of Branding

Designed to lay a strong foundation for thinking about brands artistically and crafting a platform for bringing new insights to life. Discovery techniques will be illustrated with case studies, but also with hands-on application, so bringing a brand to work on is advised. This workshop opens doors to possible strategies for brands that are both authentic and alluring. Good for people who touch brands in all levels across all industries.

Creative Research + Killer Briefs: How to Inspire, Not Just Inform

Created to get everyone on the same proverbial page, this day will provide ideas and skills to help you determine where to dig for gold (customer, brand, category insights) and how to create a roadmap to getting there (creating a killer brief that gets people excited to bring it to life.)

Brand You: Design Your Life to Shine

This day focuses on establishing your unique passions and drivers, and then aligning all internal and external forces to create a presence that shines. Both a springboard and a filter, this strengthened and defined presence can lead to making key choices that improve confidence and increase your fun factor.

Creative Momentum: Increase the Chi of Ideation

Leveraging the fundamental principles of Quantum Physics and Feng Shui, this day will focus on tackling the 5 enemies of creativity and outlining critical momentum-driving actions.  The goal of this day is to kick-start the flow of ideas and give you the tools to turn up the volume.

Stellar Account Service: Perfecting a Creative Culture

Attendees will leave with the core ten things every account executive should know to make clients happy is a culmination of insights from Advertising Agency heads and client interviews. Some are fundamentals, but the tenets outlined here are to take ‘ordinary’ service to ‘stellar’ for optimal success.