A strong point of pride,
Wild Alchemy’s approach to research is creating possibilities, not necessarily proof. The creativity, realism and insanely high quality bar we hold has most often created fans among our toughest audiences: the creative department and Board of Directors. National and global studies have been conducted for many Fortune 500 companies.

Wild Alchemy conducts traditional and non-traditional primary qualitative research such as focus groups, in-depth interviews and ethnographical studies. Lynette Xanders, founder and CEO, has been moderating groups and developing brand, ad and growth strategy recommendations for 20 years.
To uncover core emotional drivers, we use proven projective techniques, both with current and prospective end-users, and with clients, in internal brand discovery workshops to uncover rich insights that can be brought to life within a variety of deliverables. Whether depth interviews, dyads, triads, focus groups, intercepts or ethnographies, Wild Alchemy handles everything from start to finish and delivers stellar results whether local, national or global in scope.

Traditional vs Non-Traditional


Traditional focus groups involve having Wild Alchemy manage a contracted facility in each city to recruit qualified participants and interviewing 6-8 people for up to 2 hours. The size of the group can change, depending upon budget, information needs and sensitivity of the topic, but they are a standard methodology, executed well, with our quality control, moderation and analysis.


Non-traditional qualitative research is our specialty. We do our own recruiting, going off traditional facility databases to recruit clients’ cultists (ambassadors), mavens (trendsetters), and fresh prospects who pass our ‘creativity screening’ questions to ensure eloquence and mental acuity. These groups may be held at a traditional facility, but more often they are held in hotel suites, backrooms of restaurants or clients’ offices to enhance relaxation and ‘real world’ sensibilities. Wild Alchemy has state-of-the-art video and audio recording equipment that is set up to capture the conversation in a more intimate way than traditional stationary cameras. We handle everything from start to finish.

  • In addition to interviewing, Wild Alchemy has immense experience profiling customers through lifestyle logs (aka “Homework”) to bring them to life and understand their beliefs, behaviors and brand affinities.