Wild Alchemy 'un-stick' Culture

Often not the first door in, many clients have found this piece to be the most rewarding as it not only tends to re-energize and re-focus people, it tends to ‘un-stick’ old problems and bad behaviors – creating more efficiency and fun.

Through internal e-surveys, interviews and/or discussion groups, perceptions of the brand are investigated to get an authentic picture of what success looks like, what the brand stands for, and what they tell people their company does at cocktail parties. In addition, cultural lifts and drains are audited as well as alignment of purpose to inform recommendations to improve morale, productivity and engagement.

Expressions of this process vary depending upon findings, but can include a cultural manifesto to align their sense of purpose and differentiation from competitors (Perkins), training to illustrate a ‘new way of doing business’ (First Independent) and/or tools to help break bad habits and create new ones (YRG.)

Brand work can happen without cultural work, but the impact of doing the two together is wildly powerful and can help entrench brand efforts and increase momentum internally (which is more than half the battle.)