CRANK is a revolutionary idea brokerage concept.

It is a consortium of independents (ad agency creatives, corporate mercenaries, account planners, designers, film makers, entrepreneurs, marketing luminaries) who come together to meet likeminded people and let sparks fly and provide fresh thinking on brand issues without fear, baggage or bs.

Idea ‘thoughtstarters’ (positioning/creative possibilities) are captured and presented to the client or agency within a few days. The client or agency is then free to take the ideas into research, enhance the idea and turn it into an executable branding solution and/or hire the freelancer who created it.

Think of it as a power for an overworked creative department, or fresh eyes for a client-saturated team, momentum or a creative resource for agencies, or an extension of your strategic new business arm. The idea is to bridge idea people and be a resource for creative thinking. We just love to crank out ideas.

Talent gets the opportunity to work on different projects than they’re currently working on, they get to play in a dynamic environment that refreshes their creative juices, they get to put their ideas into their portfolios and they get their ideas under the noses of agencies they’d like to work for.

It’s a win-win.