A brand strategy is the brand’s position in the world. It is the sum total of all the associations people have about a product or service – in short, it is your reputation.

It includes the key features that make it unique. The identity that anchors it. The language that brings it to life and gets people excited. It holds their experiences in store and at home. And what people talk about with their friends. It is key to ensure that the experience and culture fit with the promise. Whether this platform spurs a new logo, a brand book or a culture, our belief is that everything starts with the brand.
The insights, positionings and creative briefs developed for clients here were both embraced by companies and proven effective through dramatic increases in awareness, sales, loyalty and ambassadorship.

Outputs from Wild Alchemy’s work is as varied as clients’ needs and
expressions, but can often be categorized in terms of outputs:

Brand Platforms
are summaries of the brand’s promise

Manifestos and creative briefs
that drive and inspire creative development (logos, websites, naming, architecture) by freelance teams managed by WA or client agency partners.

Discovery reports from qualitative research studies
designed to unearth brand, category and/or consumer insights that provide a firm foundation for the brand that is authentic, unique and motivating.

Communication Exposure through qualitative research
Agency experience is invaluable to a moderator when exposing rough or finished work in a thoughtful way and understanding not just what was said, but what they meant.

Communication and Research Audits
As part of the discovery process, audits are conducted to synthesize all previous learning as well as the messages and image being put forward from the brand. This process gets everyone on the same page and helps to better assess and align the brand image, messaging and voice and illustrate what’s ‘on and off’ brand to internal brand stewards.

are often conducted as part of a brand development process with leadership teams provide both internal discovery as well as an opportunity to engrain WA’s branding philosophy and obtain buy-in. This process not only ensures that insights come from ‘truths’ and beliefs, it ensures that the brand strategy moves beyond a piece of paper to a focused movement within the organization. This element is key to sustained success because branding isn’t something that happens once every few years or when an ad goes out, it happens every day with every decision made by people throughout the organization.

Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions
keep the momentum going by reigniting stakeholders’ vision of ultimate success and creating specific paths to achieving it. Often, these sessions revolve around innovation and creating new revenue streams that are rooted in the brand’s existing equities but have also touched on improved customer service initiatives, growth strategies as well as planning large changes (merges/acquisitions, move to new space, etc.)