What we do

We believe in talking to people. To find out how they tick. And how to talk to them. And ultimately, to uncover ways to mirror what we have with what they want. Qualitative research is our passion and expertise. Getting in the same room and talking face-to-face is the best way to figure out what they mean, not just what they said. We do quantitative as well, but only to augment our deep dive.

Primary methodologies include ethnographies, customer profiling (we have great homework that illuminates their values, lifestyles and brand affinities), focus groups (obviously!), dyads/triads, telephone interviews, internal and external online surveys, management of online panels and discussions as well as new methodolgoies that are created to find out what moves people at your point of stain (the moment in the day in the life of your best customer that your product or service becomes more important than any other time.)

The ultimate goal of all our work is to incite change. To empower our clients with a clarity and understanding that creates energy, enthusiasm, consensus and commitment. It’s more than okay to dare to be brave and bold. It’s wise to believe that things can be better… and that dreams can be realized. We identify, define, categorize, organize and align key drivers – internally and externally – that create tight, effective teams who deliver authentic and compelling brand experiences.