“I have no idea what the issue is, that’s why I’m calling you.”- Client


This is where we shine. We provide clarity. Find the root causes. Unpack actions to prioritize activities and get people (staff and boards) aligned and activated against those new insights to propel companies forward.

At a core level, we conduct research to help you stop guessing about what your brand stands for, how to make customers happy and what your ads should say. We investigate to find the levers that will keep your star people happy and productive. We facilitate workshops to bring the core team along in turning insights into strategies and tactics (but add our special sauce along the way).

Through our work, we have helped companies go from red to black in one year. We’ve seen insanely great improvements in staff retention, inquiries, sales and margins. Check out our case studies to get a sense of what’s possible.

In addition, our clients love working with us. We’re smart, easy to work with, fun to hang out with and we care deeply. Check out our client testimonials to hear more.


Our sweet spot is working for creative development firms and passion brands.That means that whether you’re making ads, websites or wine labels, travel experiences, buildings or outdoor gear, you are developing a ‘creative’ output, with humans, in an industry or with a brand that people are passionate about. If you want to know how to make your creative output sing (and make your creative director’s life easier), we’re the shop for you.

Wild Alchemy

Wild Alchemy Services

Clients and projects span start-ups to NPO’s to large, global passion brands directly or through some of the most creative agencies in North America. Check out our full clients and categories list - we’ve likely done something in your field or with your type of agency - these are just some of our favorites:
E&J Gallo, Nike, New Seasons Market, LucasArts, SONOS, Virgin, Nordstrom, Doc Martens, Rejuvenation, Deschutes Brewery, Pacific Foods, Salt&Straw, Simple Bank, Oregon Brewer’s Guild, Wieden + Kennedy, Grady Britton, NORTH, Nemo, and Cole&Weber

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Lynette Xanders

Lynette Xanders Services

In addition to being the CEO and Chief Strategist of Wild Alchemy, Lynette is an experienced moderator, retreat and workshop facilitator, trainer for agencies, design firms, and creative development companies like Patagonia, Adidas, Pinnacle-Exhibits, BORA Architects, and many agencies. She and her family live in Sisters, OR to appease their skiing and elbow-room problem.

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