Igniting the momentum within you is how we help you connect with what makes you tick, and how to channel that knowledge into a new reality of your own design. That ignition process isn’t always neat and tidy, however. In fact, it should be downright chaotic. To guide you along your journey, we’ve created these tools to help you throughout your travels. We’re here to help you create something amazing.


  • Chaos Creativity Journal

    Chaos Creativity Journal

    The Chaos Creativity Journal is an exercise-based workbook designed to cultivate your creative muscle and feng shui your life for greater creativity and ideation. This journal also provides several brand development techniques designed to help you develop “the brand you” – which can be used to enhance discovery and focus of ANY brand.

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  • Killer Briefs Workshop DVD Set

    Killer Briefs Workshop DVD Set

    Plus 2 Bonus DVD’s: a collection of several successful PDX agency management/creative leaders’ perspectives on:



    These tenets are intended to provide those who produce a creative output (specifically advertising account planners, client services, creatives, designers, design managers, consumer packaged goods clients) with the mindset, tools and inspiration to create something amazing sm.

    Also includes the Killer Briefs booklet on flash drive.


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