Create Something Amazing

Wild Alchemy is a momentum company: an account planning-based research and brand development firm that specializes in providing insights and strategic and cultural direction to infuse companies and their brands with the momentum to “create something amazing.”

Wild Alchemy was founded in 1997 by Lynette Xanders to service the account planning needs of clients + their advertising agencies. From insightful research + compelling brand strategies, brands saw huge increases in preference, loyalty, sales, share + margins. Clients (+ agencies) began requesting ‘training’ sessions to help infuse BrandThink(TM) culture + processes to build on this momentum which are offered as stand alone tools.

Wild is unrestrained by convention.  Alchemy is turning something into ordinary into something precious.

Lynette Xanders

Founder/CEO Chief Strategist + Moderator

Lynette Xanders is a global qualitative researcher and the CEO and Chief Strategist of Wild Alchemy, a brand momentum company. Using traditional and non-traditional research to capture consumer insights, Lynette is adept at crafting information into brand positioning, marketing and innovation strategies. Her experience comes from being a 20-year Account Planning veteran of advertising agenies such as Cole&Weber, DDB Seattle, BFS/Chiat Day, BBDO Vancouver and The Richards Group as well as an external partner for some of the best agencies in North America.

In addition to being an experienced moderator and brand strategist, Lynette conducts creativity, brief writing, cultural enhancement and branding workshops for companies such as Patagonia and Adidas’ Global Innovation Team. She also teaches Insights & Strategy at the Art Institute of Portland. She and her family live on Mt. Hood (OR) to appease her skiing problem.